4/30/07: Verizon Wireless SLVR L7c + OSX + iSync

Yesterday I bought a Motorola SLVR from Verizon Wireless, out of the box this does NOT play nice with iSync. In order to do so, first I paired the phone and the computer via bluetooth. Then I right clicked (or control + click) on iSync.app in the applications folder selecting "Show Package Contents". Now you drill down to the following directory:
Now you will want to find and make a backup copy of MetaClasses.plist (just copy it and rename to MetaClasses.old). Open MetaClasses.plist in TextEdit and find the line that says:
Within that item you will want to add this phone string which I found with the help of a shell script found here:
<string>Motorola CE, Copyright 2000+Motorola CDMA L7c phone</string>
in 2 places below this existing line:
<string>"Motorola CE, Copyright 2000"+L7</string>
Now save and close up that MetaClasses.plist file, re-open iSync, go to add devices and finally you will be able to add your SLVR L7 instead of seeing that "This phone is not compatable with iSync" message. So far I have successfully sent all my contacts via bluetooth, it doesn't appear that calendar items were shared which is what I REALLY want. I will post that when I find a solution as well. Another note is that I can send files to/from the phone via bluetooth from my mac. This is surprising because I was under the impression that verizon crippled the software on this phone like they do with all their others. Anyway, to achieve this I go to the bluetooth menu on the top of my finder, choose "Browse Device", choose my device and there you have it.

Other Relevant Information:
iSync Version: 2.4
OSX Version: 10.4.9 (Running on an old G4)
Phone: Verizon Wireless supplied Motorola SLVR L7c (purchased 4/29/07)
Phone s/w verzion: 24.1_01.08.03

I will try to duplicate this success with my intel macbook later. That is all for now.